Solar Charge Controller

Avail solar charge controller to save the battery

Solar charge controller may be defined as the unit used for controlling the voltage and current of the battery. Actually, when the battery of the solar panel gets charged by the solar panel, it should be controlled from getting overcharged. The solar panel which should be charged at 12 V, should get 14V or 14.5 V maximum with full charge at battery.

But, sometimes, it may so happen that battery may get charged up to 16 V. In that case, battery attached to solar panel may get damaged. In this case solar charge controller may be fitted to the solar panel to save the battery. Sometimes, the term MRPT solar charge controller is used in case of solar panel. It is maximum power point tracking of voltage of charging of solar panel.

MRPT Solar charge controller checks the voltage and compares the voltage of the PV module at the maximum allowable limit of the battery. So, the unit of solar charges controller will fix the limit of the voltage of battery at certain point. Solar charge controller saves the life of battery in the solar panel. Utility of Solar charge controller is enough as it saves the battery of solar panel.

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