Solar DC Ceiling Fan

This is a mechanical fan which gets fitted with a DC motor as well as solar panels. These elements help the fan to get charge supported by solar energy. The solar panels either installed in the body of the fan or it can also attach separately. It is known globally that DC motors definitely consume less amount of power than any other form of motors. Moreover, the fan runs without making any noise. As the fan also can operate in low energy but airflow is not compromised. So, these are economical than traditional fans.

Definitely in compare to AC, this fan is an excellent substitute during summer days because of its speed as well as air flow. Even the installation of this fan is also very easy. One of the primary advantages of this fan is that it is environment-friendly. Also, it won’t require any other source of power. The fan can be also replaced with the traditional fan at any point of time without any hassle. Though you might need to invest a bit on these fans it will last for the long run. These fans are recommended due to its efficiency in energy, the utility grid and lowers down the cost of energy to a large extent.

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