Solar Home Lighting System

Solar Home Lighting System catches the energy directly from the sun which further helps to light up the home. This device can be used very effectively to power up the small appliances. This device is also eco-friendly in use.  This system is used through illumination power taken from the sun’s energy which is a renewable source of power.  The amount of energy received is stored in a battery that further used for lighting whenever we require it. The kit of the solar home lighting system includes Solar panels, LED Lamps, External charger, and control unit. There are several advantages to using this system.  Firstly, it is economical.

As you can receive the power directly from the sun rays, the usage of electricity gets reduced resulting in power saving. Moreover, this system won’t require any backup. Secondly, as the power is received from a renewable source of energy, the energy derived is neutral and you will get a clean source of illumination. Around 1kwp solar energy, installation lowers half-ton of carbon dioxide per year. Thirdly, there is no maintenance charge for this system- as there are some essential moveable parts which further reduces the breakage risk. Thus, it is not only an effective solution but a reliable one too.

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