Solar Lantern

Solar lantern is a very simple device which is run through PV technology. Generally, this lantern is found and is quite popular in the rural areas where there is an abundance of power supply or it is irregular. Sometimes even in the urban areas, you can find using these lanterns for charging mobile batteries and small appliances or is a suitable alternative at the time of power cuts. Generally, the entire solar lantern is made of 3 elements- solar PV panel, a battery for storage along with a lamp.

Also, the operation of this lantern is very simple and even risk-free. These lanterns are very easy to install as well as to maintain because there is no wire connected with it. Even in rural areas, these lanterns have enabled people to work more with the help of these lights. Switching to solar lanterns from kerosene can reduce the cost as well as hazard. The best part of this lantern is that it can be available anywhere at any point of time and carrying the same is also hassle-free. The production of solar lantern has increased the acceptance as a substitute for electric lights. These lamps are also useful for urban areas and several public places as well.

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