Solar Monoblock Pump

Use Solar Monoblock Pump to avail cost free source of electric power

Solar pump may be defined as the pumping system with help solar power. The total system operates on the photovoltaic effect in the solar panel. The total system includes solar panel with photovoltaic cell, pump set, pipes to coordinate the total activity.

The solar panel operates on the principle of conversion of solar energy into electric power. The photovoltaic effect is being made by PV panel with the help of solar energy. The sunlight is focused on the solar panel and the concentrated energy is transmitted through the panel. Then, the light energy is converted to electric energy through photovoltaic cell. The produced electricity is utilized in running the motor of the pump. Solar Monoblock Pump is able to run motor to lift water.

Advantages of Solar Monoblock Pump:

It bears low cost.

It does not require any separate electricity.

It is highly durable and reliable

Low maintenance.

It is easy to operate.

It is designed with eco friendly in nature.

In future days, huge pressure will come to meet the demand of electricity generation. Thermal power plants will gradually collapse due to crisis of coal. So, solar energy is the cost free unlimited source of electricity. People can buy Solar Monoblock Pump and can enjoy cost free electric source.

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