Solar Surface Pump

Use solar surface pump to lift water

Solar surface pump is technical device which enables to provide supply of water. It is technical device powered by help of solar panel .For this purpose, solar surface pump is designed for delivering water with help of solar power panel. This boosts up the motor of the pump and can run the pump to lift water.

Solar surface pump requires no fuel to run and the pump is fed electric power through self generated electricity through solar panel. The device requires low maintenance .The solar surface pump operates on the principle of photovoltaic effect. The solar energy is converted to electric energy and it helps to run the motor. Ultimately, source of energy is solar power. This type of energy does not require any cost.

Low maintenance and no fuel cost make the device attractive and lucrative to the buyers. So, the users may be happy to buy his device. It does not require any separate power source to run pump. In the crisis of power generation; solar surface pump may serve fruitful purpose. Solar power may be utilized in many ways. Here, solar panel converts the solar power into electric power to be fed to the pump to run and water is lifted.

The advantages of solar water pumps over conventional electric pumps are given below:

Solar water pumps do not require any fuel or electricity to operate. Once installed, solar water pumps do not incur the recurring costs of electricity or fuel.

Does not get affected by power cuts, low voltage, single phase problems or the motor burning.

Can be installed in remote areas where electricity is unavailable or diesel is difficult to procure.

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