Solar tubular Pole

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The lamppost is the biggest example of tubular poles. There are so many companies you can find which manufacture tubular pole, the height of the pole is from 5 meter – 16 meter. If you want, the company can customize the pole as per your need too. Some company provides a painted pole as well.  Get your pole as per your requirements. The pole comes for a different purpose. Light pole with double hang or single hang, The traffic light tubular pole.

Benefits or advantages of tubular pole

This tubular pole can easily adjust the wind load. The only reason is curvature. So the wind load is just 60% of the ground surface.

It has got corrosion resistance power. As the surface is very smooth the tubular pole does not have much liability to the corrosion.

The pole if fireproof and has super immunity power from insect infestation.

You can easily customize it by giving details to the manufacturer.

Application of the pole

LT line

Traffic signal and

Street lighting

Contact the manufacturer company and give your order. Search it from the internet and once you get the contact number call them. Some company provides price chart on the official page.

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