Solar Water Heater

This is a very useful device which provides hot water for bathing, cooking, washing through solar energy. This particular device is found installed in the terrace because it enables the system to receive the sunlight during day hours. It consists of different solar collectors to further collect the energy supported by an insulated tank. The hot water which is stored can be used for several purposes. Using this system, you can actually save up to 1500 units of electricity. Not only it will save huge electricity but also reduces the emission of Green House Gas.

There are several benefits of using this system. Firstly, a solar water heater reduces the emission of harmful gas to the atmosphere and further protects the water system of the surroundings. Secondly, most of the solar water heater lasts over two decades and you will also not face any leakage in the system. Even the electrical faults are also few as the heater has less wire attached to it. Thirdly, if you use solar water heater regularly, you will find that the usage of the solar heater will reduce the electricity bills because the energy stored in the heater is directly coming from a renewable energy source.

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Output temperature 60 to 65 C .

MNRE approved system .

Life span more than 15 years.

SS Reflector for maximum heat reflection .

Enormous energy saving & Pay back in one year.

Better performance in winter & cloudy days compared to flat plate collector. .

Maintenance free & easy to clean the system .

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